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$899/801€ One Z6 available for 26 countries

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(15/03/2019)*** Gearbest 5th anniversary (13-28 March)
Do you know what's this mean ? Like for last Black Friday & 11 11 events, prices will fall, flash sales and pre order sale with deposit ...
Get in touch with me if you are looking for anything or follow me here, on my shopping guide ***

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One Z6 europe

801.00€ One Z6 CN099 china warehouse Shipping Time: 35-50 business days 

USA $899.99 USA fast delivery  8-18 business days +$247.04 

Countries: france  belgium bulgaria croatia estonia finland germany greece ireland italy portugal spain austria czech rep denmark hungary
poland latvia lithuania luxembourg netherlands romania slovakia sweden slovenia UK


More fast? $$$:facepalm:

1130.38€ (yes price is not very cheap) delivery FAST08 (Poland warehouse) 2-4 business days



Countries and fees: 
Austria 2-4 business days    16.60€
Belgium 2-4 business days    16.60€
Denmark 2-4 business days    16.60€
Finland 2-4 business days    63.28€
France     2-4 business days    30.39€
Germany 2-5 business days    6.76€
Ireland 2-4 business days    47.94€
Italy 2-4 business days    30.39€
Luxembourg     2-4 business days    16.60€
Netherlands 2-4 business days    16.60€
Poland 1-3 business days    10.06€
Portugal 2-4 business days    51.63€
Slovenia 2-4 business days    29.11€
Spain 2-4 business days    34.21€
Sweden     2-4 business days    46.73€
UK 2-4 business days    30.39€

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For now, I have no news of flash sales or discounts :popcorn:

Flash sale page  & here too "e transport"

As soon as I receive the information I publish it here

Coupons code will be valid again after the anniversary period ending March 23

Keep links in your favorites browser and favorites in your gearbest account

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