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James Packer

iScooter fault diagnosis

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Hi all.

I have an iScooter hoverboard which is exhibiting the following symptoms:

  • Nothing happens at all when you press power button.
  • When you plug in the charger the speaker on the board starts making a repetitive clicking sound. Nothing else happens - no lights on the board or on the charger.

I have followed some diagnosis videos online, and have determined the following:

  • Tried a friends charger and same results, so assume my charger is fine.
  • Tried shorting the power button internally, so assume the power button is not faulty.
  • Tried disconnecting battery and then had a slightly different result when I plugged in the charger: a message was heard over the speaker "bluetooth device ready to pair". Still not lights anywhere though.
  • The battery is showing between 3v - 6v across the terminals on a multimeter.

Any ideas what my problem could be? Faulty battery maybe?

Thanks in advance.

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