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Unicycle wheel is not charging anymore


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I want to ask for an advice here. It started when I bought an electric wheel.


it worked for some time. But some time later I noticed - it can not be charged anymore. Simply it does not sink current from the charger. I have a power meter and I can determine this for sure. I double checked connections- nothing...

I measured a voltage at the charger`s output and it was correct (the same as in the specs - 67.2 volts).

So I suppose, charger is not broken.

I opened housing and removed a battery. I discovered that some batteries were disbalanced in their voltages - showed around zero volts. I removed all 16 batteries, and replaced some of them (dead ones) to new ones (bought from fasttech.com). I charged all batteries one by one using Imax B6 and 1S 4.2V mode (it took soo much time), soldered battery pack, inserted into unicycle wheel. It worked. Untill battery discharged. And it is not charging anymore.

Question are:

Can induvidual batteries be charged when soldered into PCB, one by one? Using Imax B6.

What would you do ? Order MK-16S60V-PHC4 PCB without batteries?

Order whole battery pack? Order new charger? I tried to fix this pack but I spent so much time and I did not determine the reason of battery pack`s failure.



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Congratulations on reconstructing the battery pack. Did you check the individual batter output after you connected them? Any overheating during the spot welding process can easily damage individual cells.

Personally I'd buy a good quality battery pack if there is one available to you.

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