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Ninebot ES2: Error 18 and Electric brake / motor issue


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On 4/7/2019 at 6:04 AM, Henrique Poeira Manso said:

IONBRAIN  once again my thanks for your explanatory reply.

So the best solution will be to replace the complete controller, but ....... so, we'll have to be careful in driving to not get back to term problems, right?
And to avoid even problems it is best to follow some of their recommendations, such as:
- Do not accelerate downhill; Do not exceed 100kgs of driver weight; Do not use the maximum speed for long (25 ~ 30kms / h); Do not let the inside of the Ninebot exceed the temperature of 30º Celsius; and..............
So in short we have to have these all taken care of until the manufacturer solves it with a new redesigned board, right?
Until then, we have to be careful and when it malfunctions, first shunt, and then replace controller boards.

Yet there is something else:
IONBRAIN when you wrote:
"They cut corners and this is why the 'B' fuse is there in the first place."
What does it means? Sorry I did not realize the meaning, could you explain it better?

To conclude this continuation of the request for help / clarification:
I have already done more than 100 kms, in accentuated climbs, so in effort, I sometimes used speed of 25 ~ 30 kms, and the weight is 94kgs (including clothing and others), I do not use the front LED (I deactivated), and nothing has happened yet, so I have not had any problems yet. But if it does, so burn the fuse B, I ask what it suggests I do (weld another B, or weld 0603 0R, or shunt)?

Thank you in advance for clarification, and best regards.
Henrique Manso


Well, the resistor is acting like a self-recover fuse. Through it, the power is sent to the bluetooth/display board on the top. It is a 5v power suply. Now since the break is compared to this 5v power suply, if the power level is not stable the break would trigerred wronly. Unfortunately the LED light is also powered by this, and the rating of this fuse is so tight it would be out of function very soon because of the high current required by the LED. You can either bridge this fuse, or replace it with a higher rating one. Hope this helps.

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