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KS app login problem


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I'm trying to setup my wheels with new KS app, and when I try to login (credentials are OK), I get some weird, Chinese message with "Token" word inside:


I tried with previous version, but the problem persists. Never experienced before, but maybe someone knows the problem and how to resolve? Or it's just another server problem that will be solved... who knows where? Now I'm stuck with 20 km/h speed limit :(

Edit 29/1/2019: ALARM CANCELLED :) Today everything works OK. It was a temporary server problem.

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I have also problem with login. It worked but yesterday it was not possible.

Asked KS support on Monday, here is reply:

Pls use Android mobile phone log in.
Iphone APP have problem,still not solve.
Sorry for the inconvenient
R&D is working on it
I didn't try it today, following your update. I checked it and I can confirm it works.
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Had having the same issue.

After talking to Ulf, he told me that they are facing problems with their servers and are updating to software.

But it's new year holidays now in China and nothing really moves.

Use darkness bot to unlock. 

Also, they are preparing new apps for android/ios.


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