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Ninebot ES2 does not accelerate or brake


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Yesterday my ES2 started to feel wierd. It all happened when going downwill and started to brake. Immediately after applied the electric brake, the scooter turned off and I lost control of it while going downwill! Luckily I had a uphill on a left corner and no cars were there on the moment.

After stop, clicked to turn it on and all seems fine. But not when riding, acceleration was slow and when using the electric brake, the drive hub started giving some crackling sounds. I was on sport mode. While riding home, lost acceleration and electrical braking. Although, the scooter turn on fine and bluetooth is fine, works with the app and it even records the speed.

Bought it from GearBest. They asked for a video to see the problem. I will do it today after get home, but there are people with the same problem and some videos on YouTube, please give a look at this one: 


I wanted to know if there is someone that had the same problem and how have they resolved it.

I saw something about the controller board. About some MOSFET that fried. Is it repairable or does the controller board needs to be switched? All that assuming the problem is the controller board.

I'm a bit sad since I've waited 2 months for the scooter and only had it for 1 week.

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Your right, you need to look at the controller board and look for burn out components. But i would also suspect you should just replace this component on the board.

you could just build a solder bridge of the unit and see if you have the solve the issue and then order the replacement part.



Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 9.40.03 AM.png

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Hi I had a similar problem yesterday while riding downhill i had to breake as a bicycle was in my way after that the scooter lost power and break. I turned it on and off it seems like its going but with hichups .. it goes and lose power than goes again and lose power .. any clue ? thanks 

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