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Happy Chinese New Year!

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How's the transportation situation before Chrismas in your country?

In China, most of us will go home by train or bus in the long distance ride before the new year. 

Here are the most busiest monment for the Railway Station throughout the whole year.


Guangzhou Railway Station

Some of them will stay on the railway Station for over two days to buy one ticket home. We can buy the ticket online before one month, but the biggest problem is that only a few tickets will be released everyday after the first selling day. Good news is that large amount of tickets will be released before two or three days when the trains goes.


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In my province, our biggest travel occasion is Thanksgiving in November, when the railroad runs "extra" trains to carry the crowds.  Most people also make the return trip, I don't know why. 

By the way, over here the Chinese New Year (No.4717) will be celebrated on February 10, 2019.  Children love the small explosives.  Also, the parade usually includes a lively dragon or two.  The parade is followed by a clean-up crew, the Dep't of Public Works with its fleet of street sweepers.  Those are motor vehicles whose wheels are attached strangely so they can turn in a very tight radius, or maybe none at all, as if by turning 360 degrees the machine might actually vanish into another dimension. 

One year when I attended the parade, the D.P.W. street-sweeper operators got so excited by the Chinese New Year parade that they executed the clean-up as a dance too, zooming and circling and looping and twisting on their diesel-powered street sweepers as if the sweeper machines dreamt of becoming dragons.

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