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Flat tire


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If it's not a catastrophic flat (burst tube, failed valve, etc) please give Slime a try. You can search this Forum or the wider Internet for Slime usage in EUCs to find an abundance of information.

In general, I know of no commercial EUC repair facilities in the entire United States. Certainly not as walk-ins. I could be proven wrong though. EUC tire repair is usually considered a user-maintenance task, and really is not that difficult. Just a bit time consuming.

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31 minutes ago, Girth Brooks said:

@Marty Backe speaking of DIY flat repairs, do you know of any Monster tire replacement videos?

I don't know of any tire replacement videos, but @Duf has a video on replacing the tube:


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On 1/21/2019 at 12:43 PM, Lewmar68 said:

Where in Ssn Diego

If you are in San Diego, you should join our group rides! Usually happen once a month. I'm also happy to just ride around if you are close enough. Be sure to go to the local group rides thread and look for San Diego. You can also message me with you number if you want to join the group text. Welcome to the worldful world of EUCs!

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