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Hello,  I'm a new owner of the ACM16 820wh. Need some help as I don't have a user manual, how many alarm beeps are there? What should I be listening for. I get beep.  Then I get beep beep. Don't dare go for another beep lol 

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  • 2 beeps = 1st speed alarm. 3 beeps = second speed alarm. You can ignore/disable them both if you like.
    5 beeps/continuous beeps (I always forget which it is) = 80% power alarm. Never ignore it and slow down as soon as you hear it.
    These alarms can be aborted if you drop below the speed/power quick enough. So sometimes you only hear a single beep (aborted 1st speed alarm) or some other strange number of beeps. Don't worry about them.
  • You can always do a lift test. Open an app with a speed meter, and lift and tilt your wheel to see at which speed what happens.
  • Then there's the slow/long beeps which are the battery alarms. 1 beep at 15% battery, 2 at 10%, 3 at 5%, and heavy tiltback towards 0%.
  • There's also overcharge beeps, but they are easy to recognize because they are accompanied by a tiltback and only happen if you take a fully charged wheel downhill anyways.
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