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Southern California River & Ocean Ride on Sun 20Jan2019

Marty Backe

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Join us as we help @Rama Douglas break-in his new KS18XL by a river cruise :)

Any 1600wh or more wheel will easily make this ~45-mile ride.

We will meet in Downey at ~11:30am for departure no later than noon. Traveling south on the Rio Hondo river, we will meet up with the Pacific Ocean to do a little spin around the Queen Mary and visit some of the sites along the Long Beach oceanfront. We will return via the San Gabriel River trail. We should be back by 4pm.

The weather is looking very nice for Sunday, sunny and warm. But check this page Sunday morning for any cancellation notice in case the weather turns on us.

Here's a birds eye view of our itinerary


We will meet at the Stonewood Mall parking lot, near Sears. Here is the exact spot: https://goo.gl/maps/S8bJC3aKqaB2

Hope you can join us. Drop an RSVP here so we know to expect you.

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1 hour ago, Dave Frear said:

Don't have my Z10 yet, only have a E+, but maybe I can meet you guys at the Queen Mary for lunch.

Unfortunately it will be difficult to know exactly when we will be where. We're departing lunchtime. Due to the departure time and the short days (Sunset), there won't be any meal/drink breaks on this ride.

We'll probably be arriving near the Long Beach lighthouse somewhere around ~2 if you'd want to try and catch us? But that's a rough guestimate.

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6 hours ago, 1Wheeler said:

I'm in.

Have a V10F so will try for ~2pm at long beach light house,

or as designated for us lesser battery wheels.

Not going to be so late like ReCharge event that I see no one. 


PM me your cell phone number and I can text you a couple of times on the way so you know where we are.

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