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Igor Rz

Ninebot Z-series Official manual for reactivation of the battery

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Just plug it in a power outlet with a timer. Considering 1% a day the problem will only be there when not riding for a few months. if you charge it completely every month it's ok, and the advantage is you won't kill the battery as it won't hold its charge anyway, so it won't be sitting at 100% for months in your garage. 1 month will make the charge drop from 100 to 70% approximately. You could push it even further to do every 6 weeks. So the problem is only there for people that have long winters (as I do) where the wheels aren't used for more than 3 months.

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On 2/12/2019 at 5:19 PM, RockyTop said:

For the sake of the longevity of the batteries I would find an easy way to disconnect the batteries when not in use.  Sure Ninebot should fix the problem but your are stuck with the problem for now. A switch seems simple but switches fail too frequently and are subject to vibration. Maybe move a connector to an easy to get to location or add an access door? 

"Normal" switches won't work, the current during riding is so high that the switch will melt. High current relays can handle much higher currents, but since the connection's mechanical, any vibration on the contactors might break the connection during riding and the wheel loses all power for a split second (which might be enough to reboot the MCU, and down you go), not to mention issues with possible sparking, voltage spikes etc. So no go really.

The way I'd approach this is to use a very low Rds(on) MOSFET, set up so that a separate switch can be used to "close" it when the wheel's not being used. Of course care should be taken to design it so that in case of failure, the power stays on and not off. Still, it'll add yet another point of possible failure, preferably Ninebot should fix their s**t.

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