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New SoloWheel Glide Charger Overheating with Alarm or Whining


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I sold a  year old Inmotion V5F which worked amazingly for 2 years /1,000 miles commuting to work and putting it in my closet.  Bought a new a SoloWheel Glide 2. 

Every time I charge, at around 75-80% the charger gets extremely hot and starts making a high-pitched noise which I assumed was an overheat alarm or could also be some type of whine.  Customer support at eWheels is claiming this is normal......  For a test I put a fan on the charger during the entire cycle to keep it cool and surprisingly no funny noises from the charger.    Has anyone else experienced this?   Is it an issue with the charger overheating, or just a funny noise?


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It would be good to hear the whine to be sure, but this is likely a resonance in the transformer coils/stack that warms up inside the charger. I have a charger that started a loud whine just a minute after starting the charge, but it was fixed by treating the transformer with a electronics shielding lacquer.

If you decide to open it up, don’t touch any leads/traces, as the capacitors may hold a good charge long after unplugging. And whatever substance you put in has to be able to cope with the high temperatures.

The @Smoother patented ”Percussive Treatment” (tm) could help for a while, or atleast change the behavior somewhat.

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