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Riding on salt covered roads and sidewalks (for snow / ice reduction)


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Is there any particular caution with the Solowheel Glide 3 when riding on roads treated with rock salt for snow and ice?

Wondering about that salt kicking back up into the rear of the assembly when rolling over patches of over-salted pavement.

This is my first winter with a Glide 3, and while I was impressed with how this forum told me riding in steady rain is actually pretty okay, I have new hesitation when it comes to salt, given how corrosive it is.

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@owheely your concern for salt is well-founded, but not for the reasons you think


As with almost all EUCs, the tire and shell are well isolated on the Glide 3 / V8. The Glide 3 / V8 has an indented fitting of the shell at the seam of the shell underbelly, so really only the finest of fine dust/sand particles will ever get into the shell (if it in fact does at all).


Regarding salt, you should be more concerned about

  • big pieces (salt, rock, etc.) getting caught between the under-shell and tire, as the G3/V8 has very little tire clearance.
  • any exposed metallic part of the G3/V8 has the chance to rust if you do not clean regularly after exposure
    • the biggest concern is rusting of the pedal rod and grub screws that keeps the pedals fixed and rotate-able around the pedal arm. These can rust from salt exposure and be very difficult to take off for disassembles, so I would take them off at least one time a season, and rub them with some kind of anti-rust compound, before it becomes too late.
    • although less likely and less critical, the rim can rust as well, so cleaning off regularly will prevent this.
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13 minutes ago, Major Bathos said:

Are the Pedal rod and grub screw hard to clean/get at? 

No, shouldn't be.

There are two grub screws on either hole end of each pedal. Like all EUC, they unscrew with a 5mm hex driver. Check the pedal arm under the pedal to see if there is a grub screw to unscrew there (don't remember on the G3/V8). Then push or lightly tap (don't hammer) the pedal rod out with something like a nail, driver, etc.

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