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Maximum runout on EUC (Z10) rim?

Mimetic Polyalloy

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Hey guys,

after long waiting I got my new Z10 some days ago. Having some trouble with "deep sleep" battery pack (Just seeming to be solved hopefully due to community help) I tried first steps on it within my basement for curiosity. Everything seems to be fine but what worries me a bit is estimated runout about 2-3 mm when keeping the wheel lifted. Tire oscillation is also barely visible within this range.

For such a heavy rim/motor combo I expect influence on driving dynamics mutually. Or am I wrong? Unfortunatelly I can´t check out due to wheather condtions. Your estimation would be very helpful of course what should be normal range.

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19 hours ago, meepmeepmayer said:

Completely normal for the quality of EUCs we have now.

It's not a safety problem anyways. If you don't feel it during riding (you won't), it's no problem at all.

That´s reassuring, thank you. I was just wondering because my oudated NB1E+ was nearly perfect in this way.

10 hours ago, Ch.Eng.62 said:

Did you check the tire pressure? If it is too low, probably will have the same behaviour. 

I was measuring the rim directly, but tire might increase this effect although. But I think my axle has some inclination within the rim. I hope @meepmeepmayer is right.

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We had the same question some earlier time. No idea how to find the thread.

What made us confident that this is ok was checking our own (working) wheels and finding out they can have quite a bit of runout, too. Even 5mm would be nothing too bad and not even notable during riding. My ACM also has some mm.

If you don't feel it as bumps during riding, it's no problem because it can cause no problem.

If it bothers you, you can deflate and wiggle around and reseat the tire and see if it does something. But that's only for psychological satisfaction, not because it would change anything. I guess your old Ninebot was just a lucky one, or maybe these models did for some reason have less runout.

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Very helpful, thank you for the link. I used the search function but did not get there obviously. Ian´s explanation gave me enlightment that rim outside runout is not the same as tire centerline behaviour.

I also have to admit I'm a bit hypersensitive after all I had gone through with my 1st new wheel purchase from Ali the last time. What I´m referring was i.e. long delivery time after purchase (9 weeks), bricked unit after delivery ("dead" battery pack from deep dischargement for unknown reason), DIY solution with external charger to reanimate battery pack and so on. Sum of all that scratched my nerves somehow.

I know we all have to go through there if we attend to this strange EUC world. Thank you all for given support.


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