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18x2.3 tire in KS-18L

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My original Kenda worn out so much that I thought about replacing it. But I wanted to try something new that could do better on a more difficult surface and still be good for asphalt. Unfortunately, as you probably all know well, there are very few 18" tyres. If they are already there, tyre width is closer to 2" than 2.5".

After a long search I was able to find a Fiction Troop tyre with an interesting tread and a size of 18x2.3. It was the widest tyre I could find. And today I finally had the opportunity to mount it. Removing the old tyre and fitting a new one was no problem. However, I must mention that there is a colossal difference between the two tyres. Compared to the original tyre, the new one gives the impression of being delicate and easy to damage. But I have to admit that I had the same impression when I replaced the KS-16 tyre from the original Kenda to Schwalbe Mad Mike. No issues until now and I don't baby this tyre. Holes, bumps and curbs are all mine! :w00t2:

The picture shows the difference between an old, worn tyre (after about 5000 km) and a new one. As tire replacement is part of a major inspection of my KS-18L, I will only be able to share my opinions and experiences with you in a few days.




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