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Life expectancy of a unicycle


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We all know when a car odometer hits 200k or so, it may be time to start looking around for a new one.

There is probably no such data available in the unicycle world as of yet but does anyone have an idea how long unicycles are projected to live? And what part will go first? I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss..

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The batteries obviously have a limited life but it's very dependant on how they are treated and also time dependant.

The control boards seem to be the weak point at the moment with most faults developing from components overheating and burning out.

The motors are fairly bomb proof it seems with only the wheel bearings being actual wearing parts but I suppose if it is overheated often then the insulation in the copper coils could break down. There have been a few cases of hall sensors in motors failing or even coming loose.

Generally if you have a good supplier that is willing to supply spare parts then you can keep your wheel going almost indefinately but with the improvements that are coming from most manufacturers now you will probably want to upgrade soon than later.

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