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Kevin Graehl

USB-C to 84volt Charger prototype.. anyone want me to make a few?

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On 2/24/2019 at 7:00 AM, RockyTop said:

Any Updates?   I've got a new (way smaller) prototype in the works


On 2/24/2019 at 7:00 AM, RockyTop said:


I got the charger and I love it! 

   This will come in very handy. This is my scope of use. I use my wheel at work and keep it in the van. I kinda use it as last mile transportation. Picture a giant fair ground. I need to get to the middle of the event to deliver a small package without special parking privilege. I park where I can, late to the party and ride in on my wheel deliver the package and return to my vehicle. 4 to 12 Locations each day. (This is a simple analogy.) With this charger I can place the wheel back in it's stand, plug it in and hit OK. The wheel will charge back to my set 80% while in transit to the next job. I have it plugged into an ignition outlet so that when I turn the vehicle off it stops charging. 

  The charger that I got is a 600 watt max output with a 10 amp max input.  What does this mean?  I am using it in my car threw the cigarette lighter. the car is 12 volts. When running the car is 13.75 volts. 10 amps at 13.75 volts is 137.5 watts. At 84 volts this would be 1.63 amps. subtract loss and we are looking at about 1.4 amp of charging at 84 volts. If the car put out higher volts you could charge at higher amps. If the car voltage was 60 volts at 10 amps then we would get 600 watts. ( 6 .4 amps  at 84 volts) 


    When you plug the charger in it defaults to 20 volts 1.2 amps. You first adjust the volts hit ok then adjust the amps. then hit ok. At that point it starts to charge. If the power goes out or the device is unplugged it stops and resets. You then have to set the volts and amps again and hit ok.  

    You can save your settings so that you do not have to do the above every time. after saving your settings you can plug the device in. It will show you your preset voltage. hit OK. It will show you the preset amps. hit OK and you are charging. You have up to 10 charging presets that you set yourself. 

   You can set this charger to a voltage less than your wheel voltage for 80% charging to save your battery life. 


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Follow up. 

  I have learned that I only need to charge the wheel to and from work at the begining and end of each day to keep the charge up to 80% (no need to charge between jobs)  I moved the charger to the cab of the van.  The wheel is at the side door. I can check the present voltage and hit ok if i feel the need to charge. 

  On the weekends I tend to run the battery down to 20-30% and then charge it back up to 100% on Mondy while working. The rest of the work days I only charge to 80%

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