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Help. Strange 18L motor noise?


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There are two noises in the video.

The regular movement sound if you turn the motor while it is off, this is 100% normal.

And that strange, electrical buzzing noise that doesn't seem to depend on whether the motor is being turned or not. If that is coming from the wheel, that's definitely strange. Don't ride it and contact your seller with this video. Where exactly does it come from, if you can tell?

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I meant where does the electrical type noise come from, if it comes from the wheel. Maybe you can locate it.

But this seems like a typical case of "Contact your seller, he must know". Sorry, I can't help, no idea what that second noise is (if it comes from the wheel).

Is the wheel on or off in your video? (Just for clarification)

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Hi @Topkek.

That is definitely not normal. This is what you should here (from an 18L about a month older than yours...

As @meepmeepmayer suggests, you should contact your supplier for assistance!

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So finally after months a reply back from the kingsong factory.  They say it’s just a little sound that won’t effect use.  Is this a reasonable explanation?


Was looking to sell this wheel once this issue was sorted for a longer range wheel, hopefully I can do this now.  



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