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How friendly do you feel when riding an EUC?


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For me, it varies greatly from day to day; however, I do believe that the EUC is, so far, the friendliest of all vehicles recently invented. One might never reach a destination.

Most of the time I avoid people, especially if they are in groups, and indeed I ended up buying an eBike for this reason; unfortunately I was surprised that bicycles attract particularly hostile attention whereas EUCs are afforded some respect. The extra safety of two wheels compared to one wheel is cancelled out by the hostility of drivers, go figure.

I estimate I'm stopped by a determined curious person 1/4 times I ride, but nearly 100% of the time I am catcalled (if that's the right term). Mind you my rides are never more than 15 minutes or 1.5 miles these days.

I would say I'm quite friendly about 20% of the time, actively avoid people 20%, and the last 60% I slightly prefer to avoid people but then am happy to demonstrate the wheel to people.

I would like to point out that unlike a skateboard or a bicycle where one feels "cool" (meaning relaxed and confident), on an EUC I always feel faintly ridiculous due to the vast number of crashes I've had in front of people, usually intersections; while anyone can ride an EUC it takes persistent riding to become and stay smooth. I always wobble a bit when I hop on any EUC in the morning, or if I haven't ridden for a week.

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The key of that friendly feedback may be in the body language, it is so similar to any pedestrian. That's make much more easy to empathize with us.

I use body language pointing to the direction of my turns, brakes and intersection crossing. Further more makes the difference in pedestrian lanes being in a relaxed and confiden pose or tensed in a defensive position.

Compared with the unnatural and restricted pose of the biker, the unicycle allow full freedom for use your body language in your advantage

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On 12/29/2018 at 5:56 PM, LanghamP said:

I always feel faintly ridiculous due to the vast number of crashes I've had in front of people,

:roflmao: Not that I'm accusing you of it, but I find the best way not to crash in front of people is NOT to show off.  Resist the urge to show how rapidly you can accelerate, etc.  Just riding these things in a calm and orderly fashion blows the socks off most people.  Actually, confession time, I do show off; but not in the way you'd think.  I show off by acting completely normal; as if I'm not even riding an EUC.  I take in the view, check my watch, send a text, etc. But never at speeds more than 25kph.

About being/feeling friendly.  I mostly ignore people around me.  Not to say I ride inconsiderately, I just look straight ahead while passing people face to face, especially if they are a group.  I feel that making eye contact is almost like inviting them to be impressed, about which I don't care one way or the other, just as long as they don't suddenly jump in front of me.  FYI, not making eye contact is normal around here for walkers too.  If you make eye contact with a stranger they are more likely to stop you with a hard luck story and ask you for money.  That is the fear anyway. I almost always wear sun glasses so there is never any real eye contact anyway.

 Passing individuals or couples, I sometime nod, or smile, or say good morning/afternoon, etc.  If a child is gawking at me like I'm Marty Backe   an alien, I look straight at them and wave.  They love being recognized by an alien. I wear headphones with music playing so I rarely hear any of the comments; positive or negative.  I suspect there might be more negative than positive as English people have a curious problem of believing that a. their opinion matters, and b. that others should hear it.  And for 99.999% of them, they are mistaken.  After all, opinions are like ass holes, everybody's got one but most of them stink.

However i occasionally get waved down by a beautiful young blond with lovely breasts men in their sixties who are dying to know how it works.  I always stop and answer their questions, as I ride for pleasure, I've got no place to go and all day to get there.

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It's always been a pleasant experience for me here in South East Spain (from UK originally), people are really friendly & want to know what it is, I always smile and don't avoid anyone, I've had people hanging out of car windows cheering at me (yep that was strange) and I rode through the local shopping mall (at walking speed) on new years day (because I knew it would be quiet) and got quite a bit of attention - also the security guards all ride Segways in the mall and I knew I could easily outrun them on my V8 :-) people all look, get a dirty look from the security guards (in the back of my mind I'm saying - oh, did I just steal your thunder lol), seems the attention seekers don't like me either though, guy with huge muscles n tattoos, boy racers in their clapped out bangers with loud stereos etc - once they see the wheel, nobody is paying them attention anymore - it's all on me lol.  I'm not one for attention and it took a while to get used to some of the responses. If you're thinking of getting an EUC - you will attract attention weather you want it or not :-) 

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3 hours ago, John Genx Corless said:

seems the attention seekers don't like me either though, guy with huge muscles n tattoos,

It's funny you say that.  The best meeting with the public for me was with a shirtless (seaside, sunny day) dude with a shaved head and huge muscles (and his girlfriend, I hasten to add :() Why was it so good? Because after we spoke for a while he gave me one of his cans of cold beer, which I enjoyed immensely as I wheeled off down the seafront.:D

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During Halloween, I was almost mobbed with teenager wanting to “try” it.  For the most part, people in my town still stop and point.  The teens are the worst.  The adults are still very curious when I bring it to the supermarket.  

I don’t like the attention.  In the past I used to want it.  Now that I’m older, I just want to be left alone to my riding.  LOL

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