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Flexmeter $15 USD Discount/Website Glitch

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Heads up for those of us who ride in cold weather and want use what is probably the best wrist protection available:

Save $15 USD when you go to buy the the Flexmeter Over Glove, and then select the option "Add Flexmeter Wrist Guard".  See for yourself, and save money!



Or... pay $120 USD by selecting the product item listing that combos the Over Glove with the Double-Sided Flexmeter.



This is a glitch of the website according to Demon International customer service, whom confirmed so speaking with them today before placing my order.  They told me to go ahead and place my order at the cheaper price of $105 USD for both. They said they'd have their IT department fix the "issue".  Additionally, I was assured there is no difference when ordering either way, so go ahead and save $15 USD :)


Shout out to @Marty Backe for his recommendation of Flexmeter, and wishing him a successful recovery.    P.S. Marty   -Thank you for all your content posts, YouTube videos, and contributions to the EUC community.  As a new rider, I really appreciate it.   I ride all year long, when conditions permit, here in Toronto, Canada.  Temperatures go as low as -15 Celsius (5 Fahrenheit) some winter days.   I love how Flexmeter makes an over glove for their product.   I can use them while snowboarding and EUC riding :)



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