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Glide 3 V8 top speed issue


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Hey guys

been trying to get my top speed maxed to 18mph vs the 14mph standard.  I keep hitting tilt back at about 13.2mph and i even go in the inmotion app and chnged the slider to 18, and hit agree on teh message, but it still is locked to 14 on the wheel itself ( if i go back into the app time and time again it says 18 ).

have tested this at full power, half power, 40% etc.. always tiltback at 14.  Is there something i am missing here or perhaps another setting?  IS there another app i can use to connect to my wheel and unlock that speed setting ?

hoping im just missing something simple... i have logged about 100miles total on the wheel and for straightaways would just like to be able to hit a little higher, even 15-16mph would be fine but 13 is a bit limiting


am i doing something wrong? is there another app?

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You can also use darknessbot to unlock the V8 to 22mph but I would do that at your own risk.  The wheel is definitely capable of 22mph, but the limiter to 18mph is for one's safety.  I only weigh 140lbs, so feel somewhat comfortable operating that the higher speed.

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