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Question about tilt back and top speed


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hey guys just quick questions here

**Edit -- i have the GLide 3 V8


1) ive hit tilt back around 13mph, i was curious if during that if you keep pushing forward on it will it just cut out?  i heard the MsuperX has a cut off at 45 degrees which seems super unsafe was curous if that is similar with this item as im scared to push on it when it tilts as i dont want the damn thing to just cut off

2) i can only seem to geta top speed of 13 mph out of this thing.. i hit tilt back and it wont go faster, this was on about half charge but i think it still is doing it after a full charge as well, used to app to set top speed to 18\19 mph but not sure im seeing any difference.  Is there something else i need to do to unlock faster speed... just a bit confused as to why im having issues going faster than 13mph


if anyone can clear up tilt back and top speed for me that would be great, just want to be safe and dont want the thing to cut off on me and would like to know if tilt back means hey you are hitting upper limit please stop leaning forward etc, or if it will be an audable cue to tell me to calm the F down and slow down etc.



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The V8 is faster than 13mph (18mph), so either you're really heavy (or have not pumped up your tire) or it's a speed limiter tiltback, which you can disable. Use the Inmotion app if you can, not the Solowheel one.

Though you're right, never overlean a tiltback. Either it's a speed limiter you can remove, or (for whatever reason) it really is a power limit tiltback (that would be really strange, though).

Wheels won't just cut off just because of the tiltback. The tiltback is supposed to make you slow you down exactly so the wheel doesn't get overpowered. So don't worry about that, as long as you never ignore a tiltback, the EUC won't suddenly switch off.

I think the wheel should also give audio alarms if you're too fast (for your weight). So your problem is probably just a speed limit tiltback at 13mph set somewhere.

I guess the 45° angle with the MSX refers to the sideways tilt when it will consider itself fallen over and switches off, that's something unrelated. A heavy tiltback will tilt the pedals at up to 45 degrees, but the MSX tiltback (and that of all current wheels) seems to be very comfortable and not sudden (no point in throwing the rider off to prevent a crash, after all, but older wheels might have had sudden tiltbacks).

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AFAIK the tiltback cannot be disabled on the V8, which is IMHO a (very) good thing. The max speed slider sets the speed limit for me, using the Inmotion app. I wouldn't recommend to "ride through" tilt-back. It is not a problem in itself, but the available excess torque goes down linearly to zero with increasing speed, that is, the wheel becomes at some higher speed very easy to overlean and faceplant. Unfortunately, many people insist in experiencing this themselves and get injured before they believe it.

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hey just want to be sure i understand


if i push more into the tilt back will the wheel just cut off? or what will happen if i keep pushing against tilt back?  I weight about 160lb btw def not a weight problem


i have the inmotion app, i set it to the 18\19 mph max.. not sure abuot disabling tilt back or sounds like a bad idea bc i wont know when the device is feeling limited?  i hit about 13mph and i get tiltback, the wheel is prob a little under on air to be honest but shouldnt stop me from going faster than 13mph i wouldnt think

never heard any audible warning to slow down not sure if this wheel does that but seeing again as im only doing 13mph i doubt i would hear that anyway.


taking another look in that app but i only saw the max speed slider not sure anything else had to do with tilt back or max speed so little lost, will try again on a warmer day, winter here ugh


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20 minutes ago, tothjm said:

if i push more into the tilt back will the wheel just cut off?

If the tiltback is because of an optional speed limit setting somewhere, no. You'll just ride on a wheel with tilted pedals.

If the tiltback is because the wheel is close to the power limit, yes. You lean forward but the wheel cannot accelerate more to balance you, so it will tip over forward (and maybe disable the motor, not sure).

Because it happens at 13mph, which is far from the usual top speed of 18mph, I think you have the first case with an optional limit somewhere that you can remove.

25 minutes ago, tothjm said:

taking another look in that app but i only saw the max speed slider not sure anything else had to do with tilt back or max speed so little lost, will try again on a warmer day, winter here ugh

Max speed slider is what you're looking for. Usually, a speed warning will be a combination of beeps and a tiltback, but I don't know how it is on the Inmotion.


You can always do a lift test. Turn on wheel, lift it (without pressing the motor disengage button), tilt it a bit to see how it behaves. Listen for beeps and feel jolts (how tiltback feels when you hold a wheel) while looking at the app to see at what speed(s) stuff happens.

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ya if i tell it to go over 14mph it gives me a warning saying i should ride for more than a year but if i say agree, it lets me set it but something makes me think its not really setting it, ill test with full power next time its warm


curious if anyone knows if this wheel in particular cuts back on power and speed at 50% battery or less?  thinking that could have also been an issue before but unsure.. kinda annoying


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The V8 comes with the top speed limited to something like 12mph. You can increase the limit to 19mph using the app.

It warns you not to increase it unless you've been riding for a year, but after a few weeks of daily commuting I upped mine to max.

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