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Glide Denied


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I own a V5F and have ridden over 2500 miles on it. I bought a used Glide Lite thinking of it as a rebranded V5. I ASSUMED that the only difference was battery life.

Well that's not the case. The ride style is completely different. Worst of all, I bought this wheel and immediately gave it to a co-worker to learn on. 

Giving instructions related to impressions I got on my wheel, they did not translate to her well. When I finally received the wheel back and rode it a bit, I honestly have to say this feels like an unsafe vehicle.

Whatever software they use does not give the rider confidence that the wheel responds to the operator's commands in comparison to my inmotion. I tried to accelerate and I felt the "pedal dip" thats been described elsewhere and it caused me to jump/fall off forward running while the vehicle dropped behind me.

I had her try the inmotion and she immediately agreed with my theory. She plans to get her own wheel soon so that's exciting and she did learn to ride forwards and backwards she said. Turning is hard for her.

I remember one of my first meetups with Solowheel before the "product merge" and other drama. The wheels cushion-y-response sftwr feels almost the same to this "rebranded" wheel as it did then and there is no options for adjustments.

So I just wanted to rant and perhaps provide some deciding information for those looking to purchase a wheel.


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58 minutes ago, Oswald Valentine-Lopez said:

. I ASSUMED that the only difference was battery life.

Battery life == battery capacity is, if it leads to more parallel cells and not only a swap from 2900 to 3500mAh cells,  one of the main determining factors of the wheels abilities/driving chsracteristics.

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The InMotion V5 series had several versions, and if I'm not mistaken, it goes: V5 > V5+ > V5D (China) or V5F (ex-China) > V5F+ (eWheels)

Battery capacity aside, the final bump up to V5D/V5F/V5F+ increased the motor power from 450W nominal to 550W nominal.

Based on the specs listed for the "Glide 2 Lite", it seems that this is just a rebranded OG V5 spec.

Never rode the original V5, but I suppose maybe the firmware was different due to the lesser motor power(?)... also not remembering if you can adjust the hardness of the V5 in general.

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