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EUC in Dubai?


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I want to travel to Dubai soon and I would love to buy a EUC there to enjoy the city.
Can anyone tell me where in Dubai I can buy a EUC, or at least point me in the right direction?
Would also appreciate if someone could tell me about laws and regulations regarding EUCs there.

Thanks in advance!

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spent quite a bit of time in Dubai a few years ago.  I never saw a single EUC or other PED.  Sorry i cant help there.. 


as far as laws go, its Sharia law so just  be aware.. Dont get caught showing any PDA to a woman in public or bring any woman to  your hotel room that you are not married too..  

Have fun though..  

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Thanks for clearing things out a bit.
Actually, I found one youtube video of a guy on Airwheel, and as you might imagine it is five years old.
My friend that has been there last month saw just an electric scooter.

Thanks again!
Hope someone else here knows better about how to buy EUC there.

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