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Rear view camera

Ju Reader

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1 hour ago, Ju Reader said:

@Ju Reader Nicely done. Can you share more details with the community on how you achieved this set up (components required etc. & links)?

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Yes no problem just to let you know it costs about £300.00 maximum for this setup so if you don't want to spend that much then no point reading anymore but if that's OK then you kneed a gopro hero 4 it might work with others but it's supposed to need a 720 resolution for it to work and I have tried changing the resolution on different settings upto 4k and it still works not sure if the image is 4k but it high definition and dosnt just switch off but I just leave it on 720 I tried it on on other camera that I already had that had an hdmi output and it didn't work so if you look for a second hand hero 4 at least you know it definitely works. I made a simple mounting bracket that can move up and down and the vufine display comes with a magnetic holder which is very handy because it just pulls off its mount to turn it on or change the view to wide screen then jumps back into place with the magnet you have to position it up at the top angled down you could pull it down in front of your eye but obviously it blocking your vision so if you set it up so it works like a rear view mirror in your car you can just glance up for a quick look a see what's behind you and if you briefly close your other eye it's amazing how you can see on such a tiny display it also slides left and right to help get it in the perfect location I'll put some link's on

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