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KS16S intermittent stutter while riding


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29 minutes ago, Smoother said:


Sounds very familiar. I have a KS18AY with the hall motor problem. Back when it began I engaged @Jason McNeil, @US69, @tinawong, and @Flora Yuan. They were all incredibly helpful in helping me to get to the bottom of the issue.

Flora and Tina gave me a great price on replacements and offered to upgrade it to an 18S for a very nominal fee. 

I fully intend to follow through on upgrading both if the AYs that I have, but since those conversations with Kingsong, I have purchased both an 18L and 18XL. So the problem has been that I have been too busy purchasing new wheels (Expensive. OUCH!) to prioritize fixing and upgrading the old ones.

Two of my sons are University students; UMD and UVA. My UMD student commutes to campus with the KS18L daily. My UVA student is jealous of this because he is stuck using an KS18AY from the olden days to tool around campus. My youngest son, a highschooler, can ride EUCs, but hasn't really seemed to embrace it yet as a hobby like his older brothers and me. 

I am considering purchasing one more 18L for my UVA student to ease his pain. Yes. I know. My kids are spoiled brats.

Maybe, I can turn my attention back to my old AYs this spring. Perhaps, I will upgrade them to 18Ss, and sell them. I attached a couple of photos of my AY with the failed hall motor. It basically needs a new board and motor. 



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My control board came back from  @EUniCycles.eu this week (he actually mailed it Dec 21, but it's taken all that time to get here).  Anyway, he removed the factory connector, which looks like a plug but you can't unplug (see video above).  He then soldered each of the 5 wires directly to the board, tossing the connector in the trash, I guess.  I repeated the test from the video and no faults were detected.  Before I buttoned it up I stuck the Hall sensor wires to the top of the capacitor with some electrical tape to stop them bouncing and vibrating as the wheel goes over uneven ground.  Took it for a 3 mile ride around the farm on rough dirt tracks, and everything worked fine.

If you open up your wheel for any reason, take the time to examine your Hall effect wires where they enter the control board.  If you can wiggle them around, then so can a rough road.  See if you can immobilize them as I did.  It might prevent a face plant, as even a momentary disconnect could fault the motor to "off" as it did in my case.

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