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ACM making odd noise and vibrates

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So since a week or two, my 67V ACM makes noise (not grinding) and vibrates the first couple of meters it's used and it seems to be getting worse. If i leave it standing there for some time this doesn't seem to make a difference (which made me rule out the capacitors). But did notice that if i put more weight on the right pedal it noticably worse.

Already opened it up and the axle nuts seemed to be tight (not really easily reached with a wrench). The fact that it seems to stop after a while has me confused...

Any ideas?

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26 minutes ago, Rywokast said:

have you tried re calibrating it? would be a pretty simple first step to rule out

Hm, didn't see the connection between levelling and the 'symptoms' but given that it solved the issue should have tried anyway.


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Given that I had it open and time anyway...

Slightly abused ACM with a blue tire :) Why blue? Black wasn't in stock, ordered red, received blue with note that red was in error in inventory so they gave my the blue for free.

Below how the old tire tread looks after 4500km (according to app).



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   This is just a guess. I have had the following happen with other pancake motors. 

   It is possible that the motor bushing or bearing is worn. When you apply pressure the armature tips and rubs the fields or side of the motor housing. 

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As @meepmeepmayer says, it's probably the control board. Make sure all four screws on the control board are tight. Even one semi-loose screw is enough to cause your symptoms. Usually the vibration goes away as the wheel travels faster, but it can be very noticeable at low speeds.

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