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Z10 charging rate


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How many amps are you Z10 owners getting out of your stock chargers? They seem to be rated at 2A but I'm only getting 1A (1.12 max) even at the peak of the charging cycle. No wonder this thing seems to charge so slowly.

I'm enjoying being back in the Z10 club after a few hundred very fun miles on the prototype a few months ago. But a few minor Z10 shortcomings have me seeking solutions: Charging, pedal angle, pedal grip, top speed.

Also, I don't know if anyone's mentioned this, but the MSuper X seat nearly fits on the Z10; with some minor mods it would work nicely.


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1 hour ago, who_the said:

Charging, pedal angle, pedal grip, top speed

-Your charger must have some issue/be faulty -  I have tested at least 3 chargers - all provide bit more than 2A  current (usually 2.04A) in CC phase

- pedal angle...  hm this is user specific - for sure angle is different than MSX - but I have seen some guys complaining of MSX to high angle also...

- grip  - easy to replace - either cut from skateboard grip, or get original replacement pads from Jason or from China...

BTW - if You want pedal openers or switch protector - contact me any time  - see more below


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