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Faceplant at 18-mph, on the Tesla

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Oh dear, hoping you shoulder turns out to be nothing bad. Otherwise you seem fine, given the circumstances.

Looks like a classic case of "Always look where you are going!". S**t always happens in the one stupid second you don't look. It really does. That's what did me in, too.

Maybe this will convince you of a proper full face helmet (hard chin bar) instead of the skateboard thing that doesn't protect your face or the rubber chin cover that also isn't going to do much if you really need it. I always figured it's the one thing you're possibly missing, as much as you ride.

@Hunka Hunka Burning Love :efee612b4b::eff034a94a:

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11 hours ago, Marty Backe said:


I was on my second 22-mile Tesla range test of the day (video tomorrow) when I ran into a divot in the path. In hindsight it seems like what happened to @Rehab1 just happened to me. I had checked my speed (via the Pebble) just moments before, so I know my speed was ~18-mph. The wheel wobbled for a split-second before I was thrown off. No time to take even a single partial step.

BAM! I was immediately hitting the cement, and damn did it hurt. Took probably a couple of minutes before I could ever so slowly raise myself.

Everything below my waist was a non-issue (thank you kneepads). My wrists are great (thank you Flexmeters). Unfortunately I have not been wearing elbow pads for a long time, thinking they don't really come into play much. Was I wrong. My leather jacket is toast (or at least now it's a dedicated riding jacket). As the picture below shows, my elbows is trashed. Tore some good amount of skin from my fingers. The helmet did it's job (see the heavy scratching.

My riding glasses tore a bit of skin around my nose.

But my right shoulder took a major impact. I'm hoping nothing is broken (no sharp pains), but it's swollen now and I don't have great movement.

I'll add some additional thoughts later, but typing with one hand is a pain in the butt.



Somehow the Pebble watch got a good scraping







Come on Marty, what is the world comming to if you Pro go faceplanting on us rookies. 

How on earth am I going to avoid this if you can't with all you hill and mountain climbing and you mileage;)

Well jokes aside, hope you are ok in a few days you will feel the real impact and how bad it was. At least you don't have my buttocks marking. 

I guess you have a new set of Flexmeter on you Christmas wish list now. I realized that I might as well just get myself a second pair as if I am going to crash (which will happen at some point) I want to be able to get up and going asap I can. and now my Flexmeter have taken 2 falls, and despite I took part of energy out with hand my wrists never suffered at all.

Well I hope my near cash to Ikea can give you a few laugh. I tried at least but I can tell you panic is a little word compared to how my heart felt as I wobbled over that bridge.  

My flat on buttock and lower back crash landing had tough me something so my next one as a much smaller impact, and that I didn't go faster at the time with my Ikea trip. I don't see me unlocking my wheel beyond 42kmh. I have tilt back set at 40 and top speed set to 42kmh. this feels fine. I guess it is about that speed you crashed ?

I hope you wife can nurse you back to the good "old" Marty :-) Otherwise I am sure @Hunka Hunka Burning Love have a few references to share.


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4 minutes ago, Jason McNeil said:

Do you think larger pedals would have helped? It's been on my todo for a while

Ooooh larger pedals are they universal for msx too😊

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An advantage an eBike or normal bike has over EUCs is you don't have to look directly forward all the time on a bike, whereas on an EUC you "scan like a Ceylon". There's time for sightseeing on a bike whereas an EUC is serious business.

I took a few parkour classes. The thing I remember most, or rather the instructors emphasized it most, is that if you must do a header into concrete then raising one elbow saves your shoulder, face, and elbow.

This is a thick leather jacket for decently fast crashes, while looking similar to your crashed jacket. I have one in red; this is about as heavy as I could tolerate.



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3 minutes ago, houseofjob said:

Ugh, seems like it's faceplant season, as many have gone down recently, both EUC & esk8, here in NYC as well.


Wishing you a fast recovery @Marty Backe~


On @Hunka Hunka Burning Love's gloveless note, it seems these Knox Orsa Leather MK2 Gloves complete with scaphoid / palm sliders would be the gloved esk8-favorite Flatland3D equivalent, gotta pick me up a pair of these.

And on @meepmeepmayer's full-face note, I briefly toyed with a POC Artic SL Spin helmet with breakaway maxilla / chin guard, meant for ski / snowboard racing, but could be a good halfway compromise before going full-blown full-face.

(I ultimately returned it because the helmet itself didn't comfortably fit my head, but that's a personal head-shape thing I think,... example on the look in the below vid courtesy of @eddiemoy)


Funny you just mentioned the eskate gloves, I just remembered to check if they are back in stock which they are and promptly ordered a pair earlier today! 

I find their design interesting and was trying to buy them in the summer.  But sold out everywhere.  



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10 minutes ago, eddiemoy said:

Funny you just mentioned the eskate gloves, I just remembered to check if they are back in stock which they are and promptly ordered a pair earlier today! 

I find their design interesting and was trying to buy them in the summer.  But sold out everywhere.  

LOL, they're your style with the white trims, but I wish they had an all blacked-out version for moi :mellow: (might still get them anyways).

Those Knox Orca's look more appealing to me right now due to the cold.

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