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Ive not seen many UK group posts here but I just want to let anyone in the south of the UK know that there are lots of us who do meet up and ride. There is a thriving London based Whats App group - let me know if anyone needs to be signed up. Its not only London riders, I'm not in London but i travel in every so often and tomorrow we are meeting up somewhere north of London ... might be Essex but i don't know that part of the world very well. 

We have a guest from the Singapore Wheelies here at the moment on a loaner wheel :)

There is also a London based Facebook group  who meet up every so often in Hyde park or other places in and around London, again - let me know if anyone needs a link. 

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Guest PogArt Artur

Hi everybody.

I'm Polish (47) living in Bradford,just making my mind up to start the learning curve...

I'm considering Ninebot One E+ vs Inmotion V5F for the first wheel, so far the E+ is the winner.

London is too far to meet you guys,I just wanted say hallo ;)

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On 2/18/2019 at 4:25 PM, Nigel Ing said:

Hi, i'm in Stevenage , Herts, would love the opportunity for meet up can you send me the whats app link and face book, so I can find out when their is a meet up , cheers

Hi Nigel,  I'm up the road from you near Biggleswade.  If you want to go on a "group" ride, let me know.  I thought I left this message weeks ago but I must not of hit "submit reply".

Have you ridden your wheel since your fall?

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