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intelligent walking store / wang ye


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wang ye / intelligent walking store is a theif and be warned ..do not buy from this suplier..he sent me the wrong euc which was faulty and asked for $800 usd to send the right euc to newzealand and pocketed money and no euc ..tryed to get money back thru paypal who are just as bad and they they took his side as he lied about transaction and details and paypay wasnt interested in helping asking for no  messages etc..i have had to go to the malaysian umbudsman to try and get my dough back...is it  just me that has got ripped off by this theif ???

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I assume that's now the final outcome of your previuos post?


16 minutes ago, terry53 said:

is it  just me that has got ripped off by this theif ???

As it seems (at least reported here). Did not find or remember other such reports here.

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