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New blog about EUCs


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Dear Friends,

about a month ago I started to run a blog about electric unicycles. Originally, it was addressed to people from Poland and was intended to popularize EUCs, as they are still very little known in Poland (but gets a lot of attention). I wanted to put some light on EUCs by sharing my knowledge and experience. However, at some point I noticed that the information published there are universal and would be very helpful and useful for people from around the world. That's why I decided to supplement my blog with the automatic translation function - it's a non-commercial project, so I can not afford to translate each article. I hope that the contents contained therein will be understandable and useful:


I will be very grateful for any comments and suggestions. I realize that not everything can work properly and some translations will be difficult to understand. The original text is written in Polish, which - like every language - has its own specificity and is hard to translate by machine, even using neural networks.

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