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Friend gave me this. Not sure what brand or anything about it. Please help.

Mike Collins

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That looks like a generic hoverboard from a later generation.  The early ones that I've seen didn't have the protective pads over the fenders.  Or someone may have added them aftermarket - hard to say.  If you've ever over-sped one of these it basically faceplants you by tipping forwards, and it ends up rolling end over end scratching the fenders up.  I can't remember if there's any tiltback feature.

Use caution as some batteries weren't UL certified until later on.  You could open it up (very easy) and take a peek at the markings on the battery.  If it's all in Chinese with no UL stickers then most likely you've got one that could go up in flames.  I've got one of those, and I've kept it even though authorities told me to dispose of the battery pack.  I think as long as you charge it smartly (don't leave it unattended and charging for 12 hours at a time), don't crash too severely, and store it maybe in a metal container with a smoke alarm nearby, it likely is still safe to use and enjoy.  It also depends on how healthy the battery pack is too.

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my daughter just bought a second hand one same as this, any luck on identifying the brand? i am just trying charging it and the light is flashing orange. I dont know if that means a battery fault or if it means its charging...googleis giving me conflicting info so i guess it differs between brands? 

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