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Info on e-scooters UK


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Hi I'm new to the forum.

I've been looking around and trying to find out what e-scooter would be ideal for commuting in near enough all weather conditions to get to and from work.

The issue is at the moment is the UK Law and highway code. If the UK saw these as eco friendly I would get one of the drop of a hat but I know there is gray areas as they classify e-scooters as motorised vehicle's and won't allow them to be used on pavement's and cycle paths as they have to be top speed of 15MPH on cycle paths and pavements and have a voltage of 250 ( States on Direct GOV website ).


Obviously to allow e-scooters road worthy you need a CBT insurance and a v55/v5 and has to have the ECC certificate to register the vehicle. 


My argument atm is that I've spoken and seen people use them on pavement's and roads but they all give the same answer to those I've spoken to they've been stopped by police but they been told they can use them on pavement's which baffles me. There is videos on YouTube with people talking to police officers asking them why they think of e-scooters and obviously showing off their e-scooter too them.

So do the police and law really care about e-scooters on pavement's and cycle paths seems like in areas they don't. 

If there was a big enough info patition done out full and enough backing by people and a age on certain voltage of e-scooters it could swing to the e-scooter community.


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Unfortunately in most of the world today there is a significant difference between what is legal and what is sensible... And the local law enforcement officers often end up making a call as to which way they want to lean.

Basically it seems to be a "good cop, bad cop" scenario! Hopefully you only ever bump into the "good cops."

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