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Inmotion replacement parts: quality

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I ordered side panels and a cover for Inmotion V8 and have issues with both:

Side panels: plastic seems to be very soft, its easily scratchable even with paper towel (!)

Cover: it covers the red light on the back. Also the white circles at the sides are not reflective.

Is that normal?

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Hi, the side panels are made to be flexible/soft so if you come off the wheel or crash it they will flex/bounce the impact rather than crack to pieces - very strong & durable to protect the inner shell. As for scratching, this is the nature with shiny plastics, I use only a microfiber cloth damp to clean it but again, an euc is meant to take some bangs & scrapes - I don't worry about it, I have a few scratches from learning (I was treating it like it was made of glass) and you can't keep it in pristine condition unless you buy one & put it in a glass cabinet for viewing purposes only :-) The cover does hide the red illuminated logo - maybe a cutout should be made there? Anyway - enjoy the wheel and don't worry about scrapes n scratches too much :-) 

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