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MSX Recommended Fast Charger issue?

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Hi guys. I’m using this fast charger that is apparently recommended for charging our msx. It is an 84v 4A charger with blue LEDs on it. 

I notice that whenever I use it, the charger would do its thing, charging and it’s blue LEDs will blink to indicate current charge levels. 

However, at around 85-86% on multiple times, the charger cuts off, the blue LEDs extinguishes. If at this moment I unplug it from my wheel, the blue LEDs come back on, and when I plug it back, the lights go off. 

Ive tried leaving it for about 30mins without touching it in that state but it doesn’t seem to be trickle charging.


so now what I do is I’ll switch over to my stock 1.5A charger and charge. And I notice that once my battery is above 90-91% and I plug my fast charger back again, it continues to charge. And it charges all the way till the end. And this is signified by the steady blue LEDs on it that don’t extinguish. 


I know chargers have certain safety cut off voltages to maintain battery life, but is this a common hallmark of it? I ride escooters and have owned many different chargers ranging from 36V, 60v, 72V and a true 100V(117.6v), both stock and fast chargers,  and have never experienced such a strange cut off pattern. 


Or could it be that I simply have a faulty charger?


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25 minutes ago, Chriull said:

@Garrie Lim - if the charger has some "special features" there should be some knobs/dials/buttons? Or this features mentioned somewhere in the manual? If not i'd guess it has some problems? Or maybe it's overheating and shutting off inbetween?

No manual and no buttons anywhere. It just shuts off for the 85-90% level. And after that functions normally. Very strange. 

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