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Master Ong

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Ive joined the family!

A few question, I connected it to Darkness Bot and it doesnt say how many miles is left eventhough its said 94% battery life.

I got two chargers, one is a fast charge?

And in the 2nd picture, I got that in the box too. Whats that for?

I tried to adjust the Speed to 40km on the Darkness Bot and its not allowing me..



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Also anyone having pain on the calves riding the RockWheel. I can ride it no problem, but when I try to do one foot riding it hurts.

I also have 500+miles under my belt on 9bot E+ and KS14D, so Im not new

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No problem here.

I can't ride with one foot :innocent1:

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I just got one last week...i had been dreaming of one for about a year.

i don’t get why this is not considered the top wheel(ridewise)😱....why the company is not listening to customers more...if they did and waterproofed it and had a built in(in shell) trolley and cutoff switch it would be top top....i love mine ....its sooooo maneuverable, agile and comfy. Speed is good , look is gr8, comfort and responsiveness is amazing....beeps could be louder(i have older version). The ONLY thing limiting me is fear of water ingress (but thats only cuz of what i have heard online cuz i opened it up and design isn’t bad(a seal would fix all))....I actually prefer it to all my wheels(including tesla and ks16s) ride and comfort wise)!!

i LOVE IT and i dont care who knows(screaming at the top of his lungs on top of building)😏

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