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I see from other posts that one must be a proven person of NON-spamming type to get the privilege to post or PM,, 

I am unable to post or reply to certain threads that would be possible for me to help others out,, aka, threads in the off topic discussions pertaining to my other hobbies.

So HI my name is Mike, I am a wheel addict. I've been riding since October 20, 2018  With my first lesson being a trip to Boston for a lesson from U-Stride.

With the help of Jediah I was carving some figure 8's in about 4 hours.

Now I've got approximately 130 miles of riding experience,  1 very minor dismount that had hand and knee to ground contact. just 24 hours after the first experience.

since then I wont go on a ride without knee pads and wrist protection,

This was a good thing,  Because yesterday was my first real involuntary dismount at top speed V5F 15mph.  was cruising in the rain, carving very deeply where maybe my foot slipped off a pedal, maybe ???   but it did result in a hard impact with the non moving ground and a few rolls and a nice comfortable stop in some off trail bushes.  only have a few sore muscles and tightness, but no injuries.

This wheel is limiting my riding time, so i'm waiting on the delivery of my KS18XL  :) . Also will be adding a better helmet and some upper body protection.

My interest got sparked by a RC Helicopter event that I was hosting and a few fellow flyers brought their Segway X2 for some exploring.  After a few moments on the X2 I was hooked,  2 days later I picked up a Segway I180 that had bad batteries,  As I cracked open the cases and was finding the bad cells and trying to revive the cells, my Wife made the comment on how large the segway was and how much was I really going to use it...  This bounced around in my head for a few days,   

Then a friend made a comment on how the electric unicycle looked cool,,,, so figured why not watch a youtube video on that,, then I saw the video of people riding them in a skateboard park, at that moment, I had to learn.. 

So thats  my story,,  :P



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