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Need to find replacement battery for IPS 121 T350

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This is an old post, but you could try the email for yueyue, I'm pretty sure she still works there.  But since that model wheel you have seems to have been discontinued, you will probably need to find a company that builds custom battery packs.

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12 hours ago, William Bird said:

I have an IPS 121 T350 and I am unsure of what battery I need or where to find it. The battery is 340wh.

Maybe @IPS Malta can help with this topic? @1RadWerkstatt would also come into my mind (as battery pack manufacturer). But both are based in the EU and it don't know if it's a problem to deliver to US, or if it's "financialy feasable".

You could also think about a new unicycle instead of investing in a new battery pack - maybe you find a nice deal at the black friday sales?

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Battery packs tend to be the most expensive part of an unicycle, so I would also recommend investing in a modern (or just newer) wheel instead of purchasing a battery pack for your IPS.

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