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Ninebot E+ vz KingSong 14D

Master Ong

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Checking to see other people's opinion. I got a 9bot E+ in the summer of 2016, and this summer I got a King Song 14d. I have a RockWheel Gt16 on the way.
My question is, I felt the 9bot was good when I first got it, I dont know if its wear and tear or the mileage I have put on it, roughly I say 500-700 miles give or take. Ive taken it apart multiple times, had a flat tire once and missing some screws on the body over time.
I cant tell if the KS14d is just so much quicker in terms of reaction and control or did my 9bot just deteriorate over time? Cause the 9bot everytime I get on it it feels like its sooooo slow to my reaction, almost like its sorta laggy a bit. Or is it I have grown accustom to the KS.
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The KingSong is just much newer and stronger. Wheels don't deteriorate (unless a capacitor blows, then it would be softer, but you'd have noticed when that happens) and 700 miles is nothing for the lifetime of a wheel. There were some threads were people went back to their old Ninebots and were surprised how much better their new wheels are, so you're not alone:efee47c9c8:

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