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Solowheel Original Button + Battery Repair


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My buddy and I have Solowheel originals.

Mine's been around the block and back, never had any problems until recently, but I think the battery is kapoot. It shuts itself down regularly and I'm having a hard time getting it to stay on for more than a couple minutes at a time, even after charging for plenty of time. I noticed incremental loss of range over time, but in the past week, it's dropped of significantly, which I think is pretty standard for Li batteries at the end of their lifetime. Has anyone done/have advice on home repair for replacing a battery on one of these?

My buddie's wheel is still pretty new. Went in under warrantee to have something fixed(I don't remember what) and only a few weeks after getting it back(it was gone for about a month) the power button is almost completely unresponsive. Has anyone had this problem? Inventist was unhelpful after reaching out, saying that they would only do a paid repair at this point (warrantee expired during the month they had the wheel the first time).

We are both pretty handy with electronics, I've got a decent amount of laptop and cellphone repair experience, so I'm not afraid to open things up and do some home repairs, but I wanted to try and get some advice here first in case anyone has experience with these kinds of repairs or know a way to get a replacement battery that's not as expensive as a new euc.

Assuming the battery depleted wheel(an maybe the button problem wheel) are too expensive or difficult to repair, do any of yall have suggestions for replacements? We love our wheels and used them daily but after our experience with the Inventist support for the wheel with the button issue, I'm thinking that maybe Inventist isn't the right company anymore. Also, their pricing seems really out of line with competitors. I really liked the utilitarian feel of the Solowheel Original, no frills, awesome for commuting, comparably very light(24lbs), easy to carry on a bus or in a car, faster top speed than I care to hit, and tough as nails(at least mine was, the button is likely a weak point). Are there other brands that fit that bill these days? Inmotion's take; the Solowheel Glide 2 looks potentially closest but even that has more bells and whistles than I really care for.

Thanks in advance for any/all advice re:repairs and/or replacements!

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