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Best first EUC for a short commute in London

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I recently moved house and now have a 1 mile journey from the train station to work (Liverpool St to London Bridge if you know it). I went through the various options of how I could shorten this (skateboard, scooter, rollerskates, electric scooter, electric skateboard etc) and got hooked on youtube videos of electric unicycles, particularly the speedywheels reviews and rides.

I have read the thread about the person in NYC, but still really torn on which is right. Hope someone can assist!

My criteria

  • Daily 1 mile each way ride through fairly busy streets - it will probably look somewhat look like this video
  • Other last mile from the station trips, short rides around to the shops, friend's homes etc
  • Unlikely to use it for long trips, more interested just to speed up getting around the city and reducing long walks
  • No more than £650, but ideally a lot less so I can try it out and see if I am actually going to use it (have been quite a few gadgets I've lusted after only to gather dust! The sous vide, the 3d printer...)
    • This Inmotion V5 is £300 - terrible idea!?
    • Second hand is fine, don't mind scuffs and cosmetic damage as long it works fine
    • Also what's the second market like if I want to sell mine and give up/upgrade?
  • Would be nice to be able to put it in a rucksack so I can walk around with it when I get where I'm going. Bare minimum is a decent trolley handle

What I've got in mind

  • Gotway Luffy
    • like the idea of size, but on speedywheels the price is similar to larger and better eucs and apparently build quality is poor?
    • maybe the 10" wheel is too small for rough pavement?
  • IPS I5
    • have seen suggestions this would fit in a backpack, but can't actually see it sold anywhere, looks like it stopped being made
    • also issues with size making it a very bumpy ride
  • Inmotion V5/V5F/V5F+
    • Have seen these recommended quite a bit, seem generally good quality
  • Ninebot One E+
    • Seems to have a good reputation and sells well, though not everyone likes it

Have looked at lots of others like Kingsong 14D, 14S, 16S, inmotion V8, Ninebot S2, but they are all above my price point right now and seem like more power than necessary for my short trips. I know lots of people are saying you get the bug, but not sure I want to bank on that just yet.

Also wondering if it's possible to rent them in London? Would I be able to rent one for 2 weeks to just learn and have a go while not breaking the bank? So hard to understand what it would be like without physically having a go.


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I'd stay a way from the Luffy, but the Mten3 seems to get good reviews. I think the V5F sounds like it's worth a try for your needs.  You can always call SpeedyFeet, I understand they might have a used V5F up for sale.  I don't think it is easy to get a V5F+ any more, but a bigger battery is always worth it.

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The IPS i5 has the perfect form factor (for one mile, 20kph is enough) because it's maximally unobtrusive when not riding. Super light and carryable, fits into backpack, etc. You can ask Ian of Speedyfeet if he still has one somewhere (info@speedyfeet.uk or just call), otherwise it's AliExpress. Or maybe @IPS Malta can help.

But the V5F for 300 can't be beat, if the Gearbest deal still stands. See this thread (last posts):

@jojo33 Can it still be had for 300?

Don't buy a V5, in my opinion the battery is borderline unsafe because it's so small. But for 300 it's ok, though twice the battery in the V5F for 300 is much, much better.

Luffy is too weak.

Ninebot, would work, but there are better, newer alternatives. It's a 16 incher, so quite big. There's the S2, but all those very old wheels seem very overpriced in Europe.

Second hand, if you can find a fitting model that works, perfect. EUCs either work or not, so if it works and isn't totally banged up (or the battery has been ignored for too long), it's good. You won't get too much for a 14 inch beginner wheel, but on the other hand these are an easy sell because of beginners like you, if you don't overprice it.

Not sure about rentals, but maybe there's some riders nearby that can give you a first lesson.

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Forget the rucksack idea; it isn't realistic to carry even a lightweight wheel around on your back except on rare occasions. The IPS is lightweight, but I think its a niche wheel for occasional use. The NB1E+ is a great first wheel if you can find one at a low price ($300 or less), but its trolley is an external add-on and costs too much (like $60-70). It also weighs too much (about 15kg) to carry more than 50-100'. Of all the wheels you mention, the V5F is the clear winner on price and features, assuming it comes with the bolt-on handle.

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17 hours ago, meepmeepmayer said:

@jojo33 Can it still be had for 300?

Hello, i just get new coupon today for Black Friday week, 297 euros for the V5F & 712 euros for the V10

(Please dont forget: unlock adblock, pay with paypal, take shipping insurance)


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The V5F at ~300 is cheaper than just about any bicycle while averaging a speed about as fast around 10 mph, or even faster. EUCs used to be direct competitors with bicycles, but that's not true anymore as EUCs as far cheaper these days, even including the cost of battery degredation.

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