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MSuper X vs MSuper V3S+, upgrade?

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I've been seriously considering taking the batteries out of my old MSuper (with a mere 1000 miles) and putting them into the MSuper X (battery less and not purchased), but I'm wondering if the MSuper X is that much better than my early version 1200 watt motor MSuper. I haven't ridden any of the more recent EUCs since I got the KS16S.

Mind you, my present MSuper is just fine, except for the worn tire, but a new wheel is tempting if the technology is much better.

If the motor is considerably more powerful, the components are safer, if the handling is better (higher footpads and I'm gold), if the lift handle was a bit easier on my hands, better crash worthiness, better trolley, better headlight and taillight, and so on. Mind you, I've been thinking of doing this for nearly a year, mostly because Gotways always need a year to "ferment" their problems out.

Thoughts and recommendations?

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I don’t own an MSX so take my words with a grain of salt, but pretty much all of the things you said you want, the MSX has. Better motor, way lower failure rates, higher footplates, and a better headlight are some of the main selling points of the wheel, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the wheel included your other points as well. Chooch’s newest video reviews the MSX, and in it he talks about how it’s better than the MS3. And as you said, the MSX’s weaker trolley and sidepad issues have been fermented out by now and the wheel doesn’t have many remaining flaws (at least in my eyes). 

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The msuper V3 always had a 1500W motor (or 1900W Tesla motor with the update), not 1200. The msX motor is 2000W (not sure if that's also the Tesla motor or a different one). Note, those are nominal numbers (what it allegedly can do infinitely without overheating, lies anyway), peak is so high on both that I don't see a safety difference (unless you go to the speeds only the msX can do, naturally the msX has reserves there that the ms3 does not have there).

msX has a much, much better board, but that wouldn't show unless you put your ms3 under long, very high stress (e.g. long steep inclines, pushing cars:efee8319ab:, mega fat rider, etc). The rest may be improved, but imho only slightly, so not "good enough" yet. What good is a new shell that is 10% (example number) more stable than the old one if both aren't really as stable as you would like them to be? 10% brighter headlight is still way too dark for serious usage. Etc.

So you can upgrade for the board and the new, fat, cushy tire and its ride feeling, and a little more top speed, as well as some small improvements. Is that worth 1000+ $ to you? Would it do anything new for you? Because it's certainly no mandatory upgrade in my book. The ms3 is still a fine wheel (I wouldn't buy one new when the msX has a so much better board, but if you already have one).

Dumb analogy: if you have an old car, you wouldn't buy the same model new, but that doesn't mean a new car model automatically makes sense to buy.

TLDR: keep your ms3 unless you really just want an msX because you want one:efee8319ab: Nothing wrong with that either.

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I thought you had the original 67-volt MSuper (which is not the s+ model)?

But anyway, the MSX is a very nice upgrade to the MSuper (any model). You love the substantially bigger tire and the feeling of endless power and a control board to back it up.

I can't think of any downsides except the expenditure of $$$ :D

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32 minutes ago, LanghamP said:

Both box and tag say MSuper V3S+. Also, the wheel is fat.

I'm going to take @meepmeepmayer 's advice. I figure if the MSuper X is 50% in every way but range then I'd buy a new one.

I'm not doubting you. My memory is clearly wrong.

I certainly agree that the MSX is a very nice upgrade to the MSuper. It rides like different wheel too.

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guys. are you forgetting about all the failiure stats that the msuper v3s used to have? blown mosfets, hall sensor issues, and melting cables. the msuper X pretty  much eliminates all those problems. unless its a rare case. 

i tried riding both v3s and i own a msx.

let's put all the specs, and technical stuff aside.

and just focus. on the improvement in ride feel. and owning it.


+ less to no failures

+ much better torque

+ mosfets you wont ever blow 

+ harder braking in when needed

+ better shell with metal threads

+ higher angled pedals

+ just a generally more forgivable wheel when you ever encounter some sort of situation

+ bigger tire for absorbing bumps (less falls)

+ great tiltback implementation


i could go on. and on

definetly reccomend you to drop some $ on it! ;) you won't regret it!

oh. there is one minus


- same battery and trolley



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