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Looking for my first wheel. Trade anyone?


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Hello all and thanks for the add! Shout out to Brian Girten for the recommendation. Been researching and lurking for a couple of months and I'm finally ready for my first wheel. Looking to do some horse trading. If you see something you're interested in and have a wheel to barter let me know. Thanks all!IMG_8735.thumb.jpg.2905b6d8e62472cf6f074c40ef54c26a.jpgIMG_6051.thumb.jpg.562153f263099e007821e6da9274c21e.jpgIMG_2856.thumb.jpg.80e2834d687363bf76be5f567eaa2fd1.jpgIMG_5639.thumb.jpg.118206fc573c60782085db4095a6f888.jpgIMG_3411.thumb.jpg.0f789bedd905ca760c5e6a937cf8c646.jpg

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Hi there,

I'd be interested in making a trade. Just moved up to the Z10, so I've been contemplating if I should hold on to my first EUC (ninebot e+) for beginners, but potentially trading in to try another hobby (drone) just makes soo much sense :D.


(This is me opening it up to change out the tire inner tube a while back). I can provide more pictures.

The ninebot e+ is in great condition with the normal wear and tear of a first time rider. It is plasti-dipped black for a change of color and to hide scratches. It's been a great first wheel since it is a friendly wheel for learning, has great maneuverability, and most importantly is reliable and safe (i've never ate it). But eventually like everyone else you'll outgrow it and want more speed and range. I'd recommend putting on another coat of plastidip once you have the hang of things to give it a fresh look, although it looks quite good right now.


If you are still in the market and are interested i'd be happy to make a trade. Where are you located?

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