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Suspension and Shock Absorbers. Future Options / Ideas / Prototypes

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Creating this topic to gather all the posts I've seen around the forum and online about wheel/pedal suspension and for new ideas.
Also to keep current options separate from ideas/future options.

If I'm missing any, please share them below.
The other day I saw some drawings of a suspension system by a user here, but can't find it now.

Some ideas from me:
Pedals that slide up/down due to having 2 magnets not attached to the dedals (one over the pedals, one under the pedals), which repeal the manget/s on the pedal, keeping it centered.
A simpler version of the above: the pedal angle changing to absorb shock. this can be with some sort of rubber/foam or with repelling magnets.
I actually believe I could try this on the 18L as a DIY, which would make the angle more like the MSX and decrease the angle when absorbing an impact.

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I dunno if those are the way to go... with the thick 3'' tires of big unicycles and the extremely capable dampers that human legs are you really need suspension only for the biggest and most dangerous bumps. And I think those could be handled by a V11 style sliding rails mechanism, rubber, carbon/glass fiber leaf springs or elastomer elements on top of the wheel and simple friction damping. Suspension is already good enough, it needs to become cheaper and lighter, not higher performance.


Also pedals that slide up and down or change their angle for a suspension affect are a terrible idea. Gotway (IIRC) tried something like this, with individual pedals sliding on guide rails, suspended from steel coils, and it was no good. The movement of the left and right pedal needs to synchronized.

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What about having an independent suspension for each pedal (not connected to each other up top)? The benefit being it would be no bigger than a normal euc if you tuck the suspension in where to trolley handle normally slides in (between the batteries). I have no idea if this would be terrible to ride, just throwing it out there.

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