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Looking to buy 2nd Hand Xiaomi NINEBOT MINI not used for over a year

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Looking to buy a Xiaomi Ninebot Mini - its only done 112km in total but has not been used for over a year and I dont think its been charged regularly.

Will the Batteries be knackered?  Is it possible to replace if so and whats the cost?

Thanks for any advice  its up for sale for £250?




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New £234 european warehouse 


112km= 5/6 full charge X 22km Mini mileage

A battery is cost 200 euros and difficult to import better take a Mini pro N3M320 battery 30km for upgrade à Mini  N3M240




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13 hours ago, Gibo993 said:

Will the Batteries be knackered?

If the battery has not been charged for a long time, it may fall into hibernation.

If you want to buy a second hand model, it is important to check:

- that the Mini is activated and without personalized bluetooth code, that could have forgotten the owner thanks to segway app, also you can verify if the Mini is not a clone (see topic below)


- the condition of the screws, the chassis, if it is not cracked (see topics below)

- the good health of the battery thanks to the application of Alex (see topic below)


A list of topics with users feedback & review of differents moedeles below


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