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I have had my IPS F400 for a while but only recently have i had this problem!

Basically i went to plug it in to charge and gave me a nasty white spark and then the light on the charger just stayed green, when its meant to turn red to indicate its charging!

Please someone help, this is my only way of travel XD 


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You may have popped the charger (hopefully that's it). You probably have the charger plugged in when trying to plug it into the wheel or it was just unplugged quickly before you attached it to the wheel.  Unfortunately with the wheels you need to plug the charger it into the wheel before plugging it into the wall.  Most of the chargers are pretty simple and there is not much protections on the input to the wheel or the output of the charger.  

The first step would be to see if you can get another charger to try to confirm if the problem is with the charger or the wheel.


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Hi, Thank you for this i was alway plugging it into the wall then the wheel but since you have recommended the other way i have had no sparks and no problems!

I have identified that there is some damage on the charger where the 4 port socket is, its just above on the casing of the wire and some of it has come away. (This was where i was seeing some sparks) 

Im trying to loacate a similar charger for a decent price, Thanks for your help 

+Respect XD 





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The F400 is not even made anymore, there is a youtube video of one uploaded in 2013.  The spark may have fried the battery management board or the charger plug or pins.  You should consider buying a newer wheel.

I don't think parts are still available for that wheel.

Have you looked at Speedyfeet's website?  https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/

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@steve454 I realise that, but we were given it so we wont lose any money if its fried. At the moment i'm 13 and my parents are completely out of money so i doubt im gonna get a new one anytime soon! 

My dream is to own a ninebot or somesort of hi-tech version.

Anyway good talk :) We have managed to sort it out and my dad is re casting the charger so it wont spark anymore. ( The unicycle still works- i went out on it)

your truly Otis Knight 

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