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UPDATE 23 11 2018 Black Friday special

I'm using the same page and links for previous 1111 special event, prices doesnt change a lot +/- 20$/20euros


The biggest day of promotions and flash sales in China, the 11-11, will of course bring many offers on import sites such as Aliexpress, Gearbest, and many others.

Coupons are vouchers or discount codes on products. To obtain them, simply create an account on which the coupons will be registered for the corresponding purchase.

Either they are generalized to the site (for example 10% reduc on the whole site), or they are specific to a product.

At Aliexpress it will for example simply add the object to the basket and wait for the date 11-11 to get the price when you order.

At Gearbest, a "deposit" system whose amount can be multiplied by three and thus give a very interesting final price. Deliveries in 5 days are expected.

If you need a specific product (other brands, or drones, phones, electronics, sports camera), you can contact me in private message.

As an affiliate, I have access to all promotions, coupons / discount codes, flash sales dates & times, and more, from the entire catalog of following sellers and resellers: Gearbest- Aliexpress-GeekBuying-TomTop-EBay-BangGood-DHGate-LightintheBox-JoyBuy as well as an Alibaba YoyBuy agent.

My site gathering all the brands in promos is soon ready (november 5), but I will post all the promos until November 14th.

Some sellers have not yet given discounts (On Aliexpress, but you can add the product to the cart while waiting for the discount, there is a small yellow star)

The prices given may vary, either because of the price of the dollar or because the seller simply changes the price.

There are also errors, coupons that are not yet activated on the seller side (example segway ES2)

The peak of the promos is of course 11-11.

Of course, it is necessary to disable Adblock for two reasons, my cookie identifier for my%;) but also for the promotional offer to appear well. (adblock blocks advertising images and promotional offers are often in an image with a link and a cookie)


Prices are already in promotions, but not all, it will come back every day to see the new prices, the expected flash sales every 4h at Gearbest, for example.

EUC, Electric Scooters, Mini Gyropods, Spare Parts and Accessories, All Brands


Segway Ninebot Xiaomi Mijia


  • Tesla 
  • Monster
  • Luffy
  • MSuper X
  • MSuper 3
  • MCM 4 & MCM 5
  • ACM
  • MTEN










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Black friday special , i'm using the same links because i check ones and prices are same as for the 1111 +/- 20$


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