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Strange problem with M10


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Last Sunday my son and his mates took my wheels to a local sports field and played rugby on 6 of them.

When one of the M10 batteries was getting low they tried to turn it off but couldn't. 

I told them on the phone to get it back to my workshop asap where I opened it up and disconnected the battery to stop it from being ruined by going under minimum voltage.

No obvious problems visible so I stood up the opened wheel and reconnected the battery then tried to turn it on but nothing happened. I assumed that there was a problem with the switch which is the momentary type rather than the latching type. I happen to have a spare switch that was sent with my replacement mcm control board so I swapped it out and tried switching it on again but nothing happened.

I decided to charge the battery whilst I considered my next move. Once charged I tried turning it on again still using the replacement switch with no result.

Getting a little frustrated I removed the new switch and plugged the original back in, then for some reason I gave the switch another try and amazingly it worked! I switched it on and off several times and it seems fine now but I'm still trying to analyse what happened.

Does the switch just not work when the battery is low? If so why didn't the new switch work once the wheel was charged?

I have to admit that I'm baffled but happy to have the M10 up and running again.

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I suspect they were caught up in the moment and not paying much attention to the charge lights so I don't know how low they ran it.

The thing that really surprised me is the failure to turn on using the new MCM switch. It is a momentary switch like the M10 so my reasoning tells me it should have worked. Hopefully it was just a glitch that wont be repeated, but only time will tell.

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I believe all the newer Gotways have the momentary switch which you need to hold in for two or three seconds to operate rather than the old latching type of switch.

Basically you are shorting out two contacts on the board whilst it is pressed to operate an onboard electronic switch rather than making a connection through the switch itself.

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