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Big problems with IPS unicycle and apogeebuy.com


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Hello everyone, after saving some money for this and waiting months to buy my unicycle NOW i have an update about the "TWO" IPS S5 unicycles i recently received, and the awful problems ive had since i opened BOTH boxes.  i couldnt ride the first IPS S-5 i received, and STILL cannot ride it. I opened box and it had only 1.13 km on the app and was cracked in the shell AND wheel was bent and looked touched up with black pen.  You can not put air in s5 tire without the long air valve extension tool and it was not in the Box so that was a big headache too. I immediately sent pics of app zero kms, the box, and packaging and unit proving it came broken just 5 minutes before. APOGEEBUY.COM said right away and after weeks of going back and forth with JASON its not his problem its the factory problem. I already paid him $862 to apogeebuy.com and he said he had one in stock and that if i want it he does NOT do PayPal or credit card only I would have to do a bank transfer. I trusted him. He does not respond to me now and i will have to put in the trash the s5 and loose all my money. Ok, so after i tried many times to reach Yueyue in customer service at the IPS and she did not reply for two weeks UNTIL i posted this bad review and photos all over facebook. Then yueyue at ips sent me an email at 10 o'clock night saying that she heard about all the reviews online. she promised to help me and to please for me to remove the reviews so I said ok! Now i waited for her to help me again it's been so long and she doesn't respond to any email so I gave her warning that I'm gonna put this review online and put it everywhere which I'm doing now.  I see there are many more bad reviews on the Internet about the customer service at IPS and bad product quality. I see many companies already will not sell ips product now.  My serial number is 0004 and I saw a person that has serial number 0003 selling the unit yesterday online brand new, so they are not happy also. Ordering from china SUCKS thats for sure and ill explain why...  so the first unit i cant ride and the second unit arrived after 7 week off aliexpress used.  It was not brand new and it was so dirty.  I also had 4 holes drilled on it i have no idea why?? I covered the 2nd one with padding after I cleaned it up to protect it and it rides OK but it definitely needs a lighter person nobody over 200 pounds for sure.  You can not go off road at all with it and if you go over a bump or something you have to a bend your legs because it's got no play in it and you could hear it rub inside. So i spent almost 2000 and i want to cry. I want a do over. Lol.  Ips and apogeebuy.com are so bad. See attached proof.  By the way both companies said if I want I could send it back for a credit but I have to pay return shipping which is $600 about from seattle not an option.   I have a lot more details about this drama but I don't wanna keep going I've said enough I need to look for a new unicycle now and save some money up.  You can email me at randal.ab@aol.com if you have any helpful ideas.  Thanks



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On 10/30/2018 at 10:32 AM, Elder Meat said:

Dunno if you saw this in the other thread you posted to, but...

Sorry to hear about your travails. 

As a former owner of several IPS wheels, I was very disappointed to read about the apparent decline of this company. I have owned and loved 3 IPS 121s and 2 IPS 190s (Lhotz). I also communicated several times with Yueyue, and she was always responsive and helpful. I hope maybe a new management team takes over and saves IPS.

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